Barrington Hatherley 100" Billiard Table Set & Dartboard Set Bundle

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Comes with Cues, Rack, Balls, Brush, Chalk, Darts, Flights and Marker (37 Pieces)

  • FULL POOL SET WITH ACCESSORIES: This indoor billiard kit comes complete with a 100” table, billiard balls, 2 cues, a triangle, a brush, and chalk - providing the ultimate pool playing experience with all your game supply needs.
  • COMPLETE DARTBOARD AND CABINET BUNDLE: This set of bar games also features a competition-grade, 17.75” bristle board made with premium sisal material, along with a staple-free bullseye and six, steel tip professional darts.
  • A TOUCH OF CLASS: Brandishing a stunning walnut veneer frame and legs, fashioned with leather drop pockets, an eye-catching, lime-green felt cover slate, and beautifully-carved legs, this old-fashioned, parlor billiard game brings luxury to any room.
  • IDEAL PLAYING CONDITIONS: Our six-pocket, eight-ball pool tables are covered with 25mm thick, wool felt and K66 bumpers that lend itself to optimal pool playing. Our tables and dart cabinets are made of long-lasting materials built with craftsmanship.

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