Pot O Gold Gameboards: Green VS Purple

Due to the worldwide microchip shortage and manufacturing delays, prices on consumer products have increased universally. Costs of raw materials have increased therefore production of many items have been discontinued throughout the world. Currently, there are two kinds of Pot O Gold boards made available on market for the operators: purple and green. The green gameboard has almost been discontinued and very difficult to obtain, but purple gameboard is more readily available. 

After months of collecting data and testing, we've concluded the purple pot o gold board is a poorly designed knock-off and GMS will continue to ONLY provide the original, Classic-Green Pot O Gold board for our customers.

The purple knock-off gameboard is cheaper and has a higher availability amongst the amateur builders, but there's a good reason for this: the build quality is very poor and there's a higher click rate in the program algorithm. This higher click rate causes the game to hit or crash much more frequently. Operators using purple boards have seen an irritable amount of abnormal behavior from the purple boards, causing unwarranted problems and headaches.

Finally, regardless of who the source is for your for gaming equipment, we strongly advise clients to avoid purchasing machines with purple pot o gold boards and request the original classic green boards from vendors instead. Classic green board has the original algorithm and it has remained reliable and successful for the past 15 years.

GMS manufacturing will continue to be an active partner and participant in helping transform and further improve the gaming community and ensure the quality and integrity that keeps our industry fun and protected.