Frequent Game Machine Questions

Q: How much do the Pot O Golds hold?

A: POGs 510 version comes with 16 games, where each has a different paytable and payout percentage for each game varies. Our Pot O Golds come with a "one of a kind board" specifically manufactured for our clients with a reliable algorithm. Your holds can vary anywhere from 10% to 30%+ 

Q: Are game machines legal?

A: Simple answer is "yes," however they are regulated by local and state government. All products sold by GMS have been modified in accordance with local state and federal laws and sold only for purpose of amusement. Please refer to your state statutes for legal requirements and limitations.


Q: What happens if my machine breaks down?

A: GMS warranties all products sold. In isolated instances, we'll provide technical support to fix your issue and get you back to operating again.